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klose roller table motor schematic

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Taylor Associates is your source for KLOSE roller table motors in North America

MC Plant

Taylor Associates is the exclusive representative for M+C Antriebstechnik GmbH and their subsidiary GEMOTA in North America. M+C Antriebstechnik and GEMOTA are leading suppliers of roller table motors and gear drives for the steel industry.

KLOSE roller table motors — manufactured in Germany since 1944 — are now produced by M+C Antriebstechnik GmbH. KLOSE is widely recognized in the steel industry as one of the best motor brands available. KLOSE roller table motors are engineered to withstand the hostile conditions that exist in steel mills. As proof of the longevity of our motors we provide support and spare parts for many in service since the 1970’s! Some of the features unique to the KLOSE motor design and construction include:

KLOSE Motor Advantages


KLOSE frames are dimensioned according to IEC frame sizes but typically weigh 30-50% more than the competition. End plates and housings are heavier with multiple bolt attachment to prevent damage to exposed areas.


Inverter duty motors require the highest degree of insulation to withstand voltage spikes and other associated electrical stresses. Our winding assemblies are insulated phase to phase, turn to turn and phase to ground. There is special insulation for motors running at > 500 volts. AC motors have thermal protection (thermistors) in all three phases.


A tapered pinion shaft is press fit inside the rotor to maximize strength in this crucial area. Gears are case hardened and ground with no backlash.

Water Protection

Water penetration is prevented with a stainless steel shaft seal that has a double labyrinth construction.


Roller table solutions since 1944. Please visit the Gemota web site for more product information.

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